King’s Road Angkor Has Announced A New General Manager For A New Business Unit

A momentous occasion for the management new business unit project emphasizing more on innovative products & services which will give value to the clients & tenants

Siem Reap Province, Kingdom of Cambodia, February 28, 2019 King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management has announced an exciting plan and development of a new business unit.

To start with they have appointed a Mr. Sun Victou as the new General Manager, who has been promoted due to his superb working skills to manage the Technical Department of King’s Road Angkor.

‘’Mr. Sun Victou has been exceptional in his performance as being the Chief Technical Officer, his department is one of the key component for the success of King’s Road Angkor’’ boasted Mr. Ban Vibol King’s Road Angkor Chief Executive Officer.

‘’It is my heartfelt thanks for the trust and confidence that Mr. Vibol has given to me to manage the new business unit’’ said by Mr. Victou.

Moreover the new business unit will be manage by a dynamic new team from the Sales & Marketing Department to the Technical Department imploring more on a strategic approach to make the unit successful under the tutelage of Mr. Sun Victou.

After a comprehensive and strategic planning by the top level management this new business unit will emphasizing more on the definition of giving value and innovation for the guests, clients & Tenants leaving the competitors envy.

This new business unit is one of the major projects King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management for this year.

About King’s Road Angkor

King’s Road Angkor is a property management entity was establish last 2007 for the purpose of developing premium properties for Office, Residential, F & B outlet and Retail outlet. Safety, Security and Quality of service in an international standard, is our primary goal when we are developing properties.

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