A Revitalized Human Resource and Administrative Office initiated by Mr. Ban Vibol

Siem Reap Province, Kingdom of Cambodia, January 4, 2019 King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management has revitalized the Human Resource & Administrative Office to strengthen company’s work force, this Office will be headed by Mrs. Pheak Tevy.

‘’In relation to the company’s Human resources which is the key aspects of success of each companies, I’m revitalizing this office to give more value to our staffs from the management to ground level’’ commented by King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ban Vibol.

‘’This office will pursue what we have started last year 2018 which is to provide more staff training that is in par in other countries ’’ added by Mr. Ban Vibol.

Mr. Ban Vibol commented ‘’we have allocated at least 30% of our budget this year to provide all the company’s work force for additional trainings that will further strengthen their knowledge and capabilities.

Human Resource and Administrative office will be pursuing the gender equality program which was initiated by Mr. Ban Vibol since last year. 

‘’We are promoting a culture of equality at all levels as long the staffs are very qualified’’ proudly said by Mr. Ban Vibol.

Mrs. Pheak Tevy which head the Human Resource and Administrative Office is one of the beneficiaries of this program.

‘’When I applied for the job at King’s Road Angkor. I’m still studying at the university and don’t have any experience working in a company, but gratefully I was accepted and through the years I moved up in the corporate ladder and now will be the head of this important office which is the backbone of the company’’ proudly said by Mrs. Tevy.

‘’ I will share my knowledge to the staffs through training insuring safety at our workplace and to excel in the quality of service we are providing to our guest, clients and tenants, as I want them to have all the success in their future with our company’’ parting words by Mrs. Tevy.

Strong commitment and a dynamic team has resulted King’s Road Angkor to become one of the most trusted names in property development and management.

About King’s Road Angkor

King’s Road Angkor is a property management entity was establish last 2007 for the purpose of developing premium properties for Office, Residential, F & B outlet and Retail outlet. Safety, Security and Quality of service in an international standard, is our primary goal when we are developing properties.

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