An Icon of Khmer Excellence

ANM Khmer Market taking a big leap forward with more innovation of its products & services emphasizing on Khmer authenticity

Siem Reap with its grandeur of world heritage temples is the primary tourist destination of the Kingdom of Cambodia, it welcome guests in millions from all corners of the globe thus generating a booming tourism industry.

As one of the aspect of the influx of travelers whether International or Domestic are the markets that are sprouting in every corners in the city, but one market stand tall to others is the ANM Khmer Market (formerly known as Angkor Night Market).

ANM Khmer Market was established last 2007 during this time it is the only true market that caters to all travelers, and has given opportunities to small & medium entrepreneurs thus created more jobs and have promoted Khmer made products.

At the market you will be marveled by the intricate details of Khmer Architecture and the beauty of nature which you cannot find at other markets.

‘’Our unique concept is to promote the eloquence of Khmer Architecture balanced by nature’’ said by King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ban Vibol.

When visiting ANM Khmer Market guests will experience a hassle free and safe shopping, with its well organized stalls selling souvenir products and friendly sellers & staffs you will feel the authentic Cambodian hospitality.

‘’One of our key advantage is our stall holders and staffs who have received a positive reviews from our guests’’ boasted by Mr. Ban Vibol.

Furthermore since King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management had handled the market since the 3rd quarter last year 2018, it has laid the ground work to further strengthen its position as the best in Cambodia.

‘’It will be an exciting phase for ANM Khmer Market as we will go to the next level in relation to promote Khmer Heritage’’ proudly said by Mr. Vibol.

Since last month it has transformed to become a full service market in which initiated to open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm thus gave more comfort to their guests.

 ‘’More innovation of our products and services will be offering soon that will benefit the small and medium entrepreneurs and our guests’’ parting words of Mr. Ban Vibol.

ANM Khmer Market has been the beacon of Khmer Authenticity & Excellence, in which transformed the art of shopping since 2007.

About King’s Road Angkor

King’s Road Angkor is a property management entity was establish last 2007 for the purpose of developing premium properties for Office, Residential, F & B outlet and Retail outlet. Safety, Security and Quality of service in an international standard, is our primary goal when we are developing properties.

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