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BAN VIBOL INITIATIVE has appointed a Program Director to manage the Corporate Social Responsibility program

Siem Reap Province, Kingdom of Cambodia, July 4, 2019; From the Office of the Chairman of BAN VIBOL INITIATIVE

BAN VIBOL INITIATIVE has taken a bold steps by initiating programs that will help and encourage the communities and the preserve the environment.

They have appointed Mr. Jomari Cruz as the Program Director in which he will oversee all the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of the program effective today July 4, 2019.

‘’It is my great pleasure to announce the appointment of Mr. Jomari Cruz as the Program Director today’’ proudly said by Mr. Ban Vibol Program Chairman in which was named after him by King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management Board of Directors for his impeccable achievement for the success of the company

‘’’Since in the beginning Mr. Jomari Cruz has proven himself to be a leader through the successful CSR campaigns we have done’’ commented by Mr. Vibol who is also the program chairman.

‘’It is my honor for this appointment and my deep gratitude to the efforts of my team who has supported me from our previous CSR campaigns’’ commented by Mr. Jomari Cruz.

BAN VIBOL INITIATIVE will be having a calendar of activities in line with their goals of helping the communities and the environment through Corporate Social Responsibility.

About King’s Road Angkor

King’s Road Angkor is a property management entity was establish last 2007 for the purpose of developing premium properties for Office, Residential, F & B outlet and Retail outlet. Safety, Security and Quality of service in an international standard, is our primary goal when we are developing properties.

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