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King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management – setting the standard in property development & management in Cambodia

King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management is setting the tone for development of premium property in Cambodia. Their primary goal when developing properties is to adhere to international standards with regards to safety, security and quality customer service.

Established in 2007, one of their first projects was ANM Khmer Market (Formerly known as Angkor Night Market) This was the first night market in Cambodia which brought a welcome change to Siem Reap’s nighttime scenery and improved the tourism experience in general. In 2013 they completed King’s Road Angkor Dining & Shopping Village. The village follows a concept that is international in standard; its mission was to create a space with eloquent design, ambiance and superior attention to detail.

One of their latest developments completed in the year 2017 with their own boutique office and residential complex. This complex was one of the first of its kind in Siem Reap, with 17 office units and 9 residential units, located in a strategic area in downtown Siem Reap.


Mr. Ban Vibol, Chief Executive Officer at King’s Road Angkor

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ban Vibol heads up a dynamic team and works to ensure the company is always focused on giving value to all clients, tenants & guests. He says “The key to our success was in part due to our highly motivated management personnel. From the General Managers to the ground staff, all departments are working harmoniously and vigorously to achieve our company goal.”

At King’s Road Angkor the custom made products & lease price packages can be tailored to suit any client. Thoughtfully, they have also implemented a user experience management system. This system provides tenants and clients with a convenient reporting system which enables faster action, and resolution response from management.


Mr. Jomari Cruz, General Manager at King’s Road Angkor

Mr. Jomari Cruz, King’s Road Angkor General Manager commented that “One of our management’s driving forces is our emphasis on customer care. We take care of our clients, tenants and guests’ needs.” In relation to the daily property operations, there are proper procedures and work charts in place that enable interdepartmental coordination across all parts of the business. This has ensured a smooth, safe, and secured workplace which has in turn brought value to clients and tenants through a friendly and organised business environment.

King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management has been at the forefront of developing and managing properties in Cambodia. With an ongoing emphasis on creativity in concept and customer care.

About King’s Road Angkor

King’s Road Angkor is a property management entity was establish last 2007 for the purpose of developing premium properties for Office, Residential, F & B outlet and Retail outlet. Safety, Security and Quality of service in an international standard, is our primary goal when we are developing properties.

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